Hi, I'm Brie!

Your new BFF!

I’m a traveling boudoir photographer — self-love enthusiast — adventure seeker — glitter tit artist — lash artist — makeup artist — dog photographer — puppy portrait painter — and lover of all things creative (craft nights, DIY, you name it)!

My biggest passion is making people feel like the best version of themselves!!!

I ADORE the way boudoir makes babes feel like a damn QUEEN! It reminds us of who we really are, brings out our inner sparkle, + helps us to realize what a BADASS we’ve been, all along!

I’ve had a love for photography + drawing as long as I can remember. As a child, I always had a disposable camera with me or I was busy hamming it up for someone else’s. I was the kid who was THRILLED to be gifted a pad of paper + I loved those velvet coloring sheets you’d get at the dollar store!

Growing up, my mom was a hairstylist + I LOVED spending time in the salon + being her personal assistant. I was 5 + I loved everything about it. I loved talking with her guests, handing my mom perm rods, and I especially loved when they would tip me, haha!

I grew up knowing that I wanted to be a hairstylist and had never even considered any other professions. I enrolled in Paul Mitchell the School, immediately after high school + it was the best decision I could have ever made. Being there exposed me to a whole new world of opportunities + connections; it also gave me a new found purpose + self-confidence. I quickly learned how many countless opportunities the beauty industry has to offer. I haven’t been able to pick JUST one ever since, because I’m obsessed with ALL of them!

I recently moved from Salt Lake City to Los Angeles with my sweet husband and our two babies, Lola (cocker spaniel) + Olive (golden retriever)!

And I would LOVE to create with you! In LA, SLC, or wherever you can DREAM! I’m always down to hike + get dirty, so please don’t hesitate to reach out if you’re an adventurous soul!

Please text or call with any inquiries (801) 209-6526! I’d love to chat + get to you know you!